Everything starts with the basics!

 When I was first an apprentice, I had the unique opportunity to work with some incredible chefs. Some were old, a bit crazy…. but talented!
As a young cook, I was a sponge for knowledge, reading, practicing, trying desperately for the Executive chef to notice me, maybe even work with me and teach me something.
To this day the most amazing things to me are the simplest techniques. Each chef drilled that into my head! “everything starts from the basics, screw that up and everything to follow with be a mess”.
Hence the technique of making a basic chicken stock! Now I was truly amazed at what some of these old chefs could produce from basic ingredients, one of them water. Yup, clean fresh water. Something we take for granted everyday!
When making a basic chicken stock, start with good bones (rinsed with fresh clean water. Most times cooks throw them into a stock pot from the package…rinse the impurities), next is fresh clean vegetables called mirepoix (equal parts carrots, onions, celery…cleaned with fresh water) and finally…you got it, fresh clean COLD water. Bring to a boil, simmer for 4 hours skimming the impurities. Strain, cool.
This will give you a crystal clear, strong stock for soups or sauces. Its so easy, but its the technique that will make the difference to your final product.
Chef Paul

Out of the frying pan…and into the fire….and back again!

Well after years of stepping out of the kitchen and climbing the ladder of upper management, I’ve decided to jump right back into the frying pan!
At first, I thought “do I still have what it takes to be creative and the energy it takes to consistently produce great food for my guests”.
I know my skills are still there! My techniques are much more refined! I always understood good cost control and I certainly understand great customer interaction much better!
I realized once the process was underway, that I first entered the culinary world because of my passion for food and cooking. That passion soon overtook any fear of getting back into the kitchen, fear of any ownership issues, fear of failure.
Passion for cooking is something that has been inside of me my whole career. I’ve often told new apprentices thinking about entering the culinary industry “once its gets hold of you, once it gets in your blood, you can’t get rid of it…try but it doesn’t leave”. How true these words have come back full circle for me!
I am truly excited about opening Fresco café and catering. I am passionate about producing the freshest quality food products for my guests at affordable prices. It will be a delight to meet new people, share my recipes and teach them cooking techniques to try at home.

Chef Paul