Where everybody knows your name and they’re really glad you came.

We all remember the lovable character “Norm” from cheers. He would come into the bar each day, probably at the same time and sit at the same seat, drinking the same beverage each day.

Well at Fresco we have we have our own “Norm”, however his real name is “Dave”. 
Dave can be seen each afternoon, sitting by the window, drinking his tea and playing his scratch and win tickets.
Often Dave engages in conversation with other guests, ever so polite. Dave holds the door open for guests that require assistance. He keeps us company in the late afternoon telling us stories about the weather and the good old days. He knows our kids names and welcomes them warmly when he has a chance to see them in Fresco.

Although we want our Cafe to be known for our food quality and guest service, it was equally important for us to have a place where everyone feels comfortable, where guests can relax, sit by the fire, read a book, have conversation, eat, drink, sit quiet or play your lottery tickets.
Dave has quickly become our friend and we look forward to seeing him each day.
Thank-you Dave for choosing Fresco as your home Cafe.

We encourage everyone to drop in for a great cup of coffee, enjoy a homemade baked good, relax, and stay a while…..don’t forget to say hello to Fresco “Dave”.

Chef Paul

Fresco Cafe and Catering



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